Purity and Waiting

“People who respect the Lord also listen to his Servant, that servant lives completely trusting God without knowing what will happen. He already trusts in the Lord’s name and depends on his God. The Lord says, “Look, you people want to do whatever you want. So light your own fire and torches, but you will be punished. You will fall into your fires and torches and be burned. I will make it happen.”” (Isaiah 50:10-11) One of the most difficult things to do is waiting, especially waiting on who you have never seen. Waiting on God is an act born out of respect for God and His Word. Respect is an attitude of considering or esteeming someone very high. But how long can man wait? While waiting what are you doing? What one does while waiting, determines his/her staying power. So many are the promises of God for his children but trusting Him to see such vows come to pass is quite difficult of the carnal man, especially, in this software generation of ours, where everyone wants to have it done now and immediately. Abram while waiting for the promised Son, succumbed to the suggestion of his wife Sarai, and slept with her servant Hagar who conceived and gave him a son, named Ishmael. This is totally outside God’s plan for him and by doing this, he lighted his own fire and torch, the effect of that lightening is still ongoing till today. (Genesis 15:1-18, 16:1-12). The Israelites while waiting for the commandment of God to be delivered to God’s servant Moses lightened a strange fire and torch by molding a golden calf for themselves. We saw 3000 people killed and terrible sickness come upon them. (Exodus 25:12-13, Exodus 32:1-10, 25-28, 33-35). God words are never empty threats, we serve a God that says what he means and does what He says, “So light your own fire and torches, but you will be punished. You will fall into your fires and torches and be burned. I will make it happen.” So many Christians are victims of their own fires and torches; God has never acted outside His word. A young girl destined to marry a great servant of God but the prize she has to pay is keeping her virginity but that she lost on the account of youthful lust and she eventually lost the ordained husband as a product of lighting her own fire and torches. So many faithful workers and servants of God due for reward are yet to receive their rewards. Why? While waiting it’s observed that they indulge in so many anti-Christ’s activities; Pornography, malice, backbiting, anger, wrath, filthy communication and evil speaking. All these acts the accuser of the brethren will stop at nothing to bring it to the throne of grace against the redeemed of the Lord. We are in the season the good Lord wants to unleash his blessings to the church to be a sign for his coming but He won’t do that when the vessels are impure. For it is written, “The Lord wants to use you for special purpose so make yourself clean from all evil. Then you will be holy and the master can use you. You will be ready for good work.” (1 Timothy 2:21)

Written by

Evang Chukwunyere Ebube Oliver.

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