He killed the serial killer: Commander Soleimani is Dead!

O His funeral procession in his home town attracted massive crowd. Eyewitness told BBC Persian the street were not wide enough to hold the number of people and, with other roads closed off, there was nowhere to escape to. A stampede killed 50 people and injured 200 more, at his funeral. “He was a monster. And he’s no longer a monster. He’s dead. Mr. Trump said.” He was planning a big and bad attack on us. I don’t think anyone can complain about it.” But the UN and even his own top aides accepted this would contravene the international laws the US had signed up to, with others describing it as a war crime. More than 2000 years ago, a serial killer deadlier than the deceased was killed. A monster more monstrous than the deceased was killed and he is no longer a monster. At his death people took the streets shouting and raising borne fires. Billions of millions of persons have been killed and tones of zillions wounded as his funeral is still on going. The road to his funeral is seal not wide enough to hold the number of people but this time, there is a way to escape. This serial killer is by name called Sin. God saw the monstrous nature of this serial killer and deployed a drone called Jesus Christ the Messiah to wipe him off. This serial killer has rendered most women childless, broken several marriages and homes, rendered so many bankrupt, sent many mighty men and women to their early graves. He has destroyed nations, people and properties. For every nation, and person he attacks, he throws such nations and persons in a state of perpetual confusion and pain. At his death the world took to the streets shouting and raising borne fires. Some on the street are drinking themselves to stupor, some are smoking like exhaust pipe of an automobile, some are engaging in devise filthy lust, some dressed in skimpy and shabby clothing in the name of funeral fashion trend, some still in their offices catering away public funds as the funeral continues, some are seen selling hard drugs and all manner of hard substances to get the mourners high. Many more were observed, planning and executing plans on how to kill the few who deliberately escape from the street of this monster (Sin) funeral, while some are observed in between the way of escape and the funeral streets. These ones are at the valley of decision. The world labeled the act of killing the serial killer, a war crime. Another look at the funeral ground, not minding the uproar caused by the mourning crowd, God provided a route for escape, He also provided, an ambulance for medical attentions for several wounded ones. These provisions are found in the person of Jesus Christ the savior and the killer of the serial killer. Are you among the tones of zillions wounded as a result of the stampede caused at the ongoing serial killer (Sin) funeral? Are you broken and shattered by the bombings and killings of this serial killer (sin), is your marriage at the verge of breaking up just because of the activities of these serial killer (sin), you don’t even know why you are living because the serial killer is sitting on your destiny. Jesus the savior is the way to escape the serial killer and his blocked funeral road. He is standing now on that escape road ready to wash you clean from all injuries. But the decision of escape is yours to make. For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes will not perish but have everlasting life. John 3:16. What Jesus did on the cross was to kill the deadliest serial killer ever lived. As a drone, He destroyed Himself for us just to get the serial killer killed. What a combination of strength, love, compassion and mercy. After killing the serial killer, we went ahead to provide a way for us to come out any stampede that will be caused by our ignorance towards His action. Get in there and to help save the wounded. That is what Jesus did and still doing today. He was governed by mercy and compassion instead of by legalism, rules and fear. Today, you have been told why the serial killer was killed. It will be foolishness to remain among the rioters hanging on the streets of funeral.

Written by

Evang Chukwunyere Ebube Oliver.

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